The mission of Resident Bolde is to create social awareness regarding the patriarchal causes of inequity faced by female physicians in training, to provide interpersonal coaching for female physicians in training who are being faced with that inequity in the variety of forms it comes in and to be able to provide monetary funds for legal action taken by female physicians in training faced with discrimination and sex based abuses of power. The modalities in which the mission is carried out can change and evolve along with the organization.


1.) Generating a public social narrative that creates public awareness on the patriarchal source of inequity faced by female physicians in training and beyond

2.) When contacted by female physicians in training, or female medical students, Resident Bolde can help with the following:

a.) choosing residency programs and things to consider.

b.) reviewing ACGME bylaws and residency program contacts. While this definitely should not be considered as legal advice, often times employment or educational lawyers do not completely understand the situation residents are in and what they are contracted to nor the power dynamics that take place.

c.) teach strategies on how to inter-personally protect female physician trainee’s livelihoods from being attacked by overt or covert discriminatory behavior

d.) teach strategies on how to use your residency’s internal grievances processes

e.) help female residents find the right lawyer to retain before there is a problem or when there is a problem

f.) help female residents recognize covert forms of gender discrimination and how to call it out, who to call it out to and within what time frame.

g.) help female residents learn how, when and what to document so that evidence is strong and legal counsel will have confidence to take on a wealthy plaintiff and win the case.