Resident Bolde’s personalized coaching is geared to help medical students and residents learn how to effectively handle abuses of power in the hierarchy of academic medicine. There is a particular focus on the dynamics faced by women residents in male dominated specialties but coaching is absolutely useful for male residents managing the hierarchy. Schedule a 30 minute session by sending an email to

This will be the most informative and authentic session you will have about navigating the hierarchy in residency training! Resident Bolde understands the investment, risks, determination, blood, sweat and tears you have put into your education. It goes without saying that your vulnerabilities are understood. This coaching is free. The reason?… because Resident Bolde cares about making sure women residents reach their highest potential during training by being able to accurately identify and manage systemic discrimination. You will be listened to and your struggles heard without judgement. 

Great Reasons to Reach Out for Resident Bolde Coaching: 

You feel that something is off with the dynamic in your residency and are not sure what.

You are struggling while others are thriving. 

You seem to have less time than others.

You have no one you could truly call a mentor in your program.

You are being harassed.

You absolutely dread going to work.

You suffer from insomnia due to fear about work related communications. 

In the back of your mind, you do not trust your superiors’ intentions. 

You feel like you cannot discuss your learning curve with faculty or coresidents.

You feel like you are experiencing a double standard. 

You feel like there are blocks to you being able to do your job and you are not sure how to articulate them.

You find you are second guessing your capabilities over menial tasks that before entering residency you would have been able to easily complete without a problem. 

You feel like the advice “don’t bleed in the water” applies and others around you are trying to set you up to “bleed in the water”.

You are not sure how gender discrimination or any kind of discrimination presents itself or you want to learn more about how they manifest in residency to protect yourself. 

You believe that you are in a supportive program but they are holding you back to do remediation. 

You do not think you are getting transparent feedback. 



Resident Bolde is a tax-exempt California 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the charitable cause of protecting the civil rights of female medical residents in training. Donations go directly towards developing services to empower this vulnerable community of highly skilled medical professionals that the world needs to have not only survive but thrive in their long term careers. We are here to help provide guidance and education to female physicians in training who are experiencing inequity in their residency programs due to sex-based abuses of power and gender discrimination in the variety of forms they come in. Thank you for visiting!


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