This blog is specifically about social conformity. A synonym for this would be the herd mentality where the sheeple live in the Matrix. It has a purpose of creating the illusion of control and security when the reality is completely out of control. Social conformity also creates social biases and discrimination by creating the concept […]



Reading the UK Daily Mail article on Hannah Yard’s experience of being called “blondie” for a week and told that she needed to die her hair brunette to be taken seriously, gave me flashbacks to my experience of being a blonde in surgical residency. In turn, I am dedicating an entire blog as an ode […]



In Michael Kirk’s Frontline documentary “The Choice 2016” the presidential candidates at the time are contrasted with each other in their ascent to running for Presidential office. It describes how Hillary Clinton had to change her appearance, voice, mannerisms, use of words and her last name 50 years ago when Bill Clinton decided to […]

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Who is a “Kingmaker”? This term was first coined long ago in 16th century England. It is used to describe someone who himself cannot become a king because he is not of royal blood but has enough financial and social power to create circumstances and events that can affect positively or negatively, royalty’s political climb […]

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